Best Bamboo Cutting Boards: Top 7 Picks for Your Kitchen Comfort in 2024

Hello, folks! Throughout my years of cooking experience, I’ve managed to come up with certain in-kitchen rules that have always been a great support for me. Not only do those rules contain the “Salt it to the taste, not to the recipe” or “Always heat the oven before putting in food” guidelines, but they also keep me high-maintenance about my utilities and appliances. Meaning, you’ve got to know your kitchen supplies very well, from the electric stove to the simplest cutting board.

For this, I’ve prepared a list of totally bamboo cutting board reviews that will help you understand which one suits you best. Do you need a classical cutting board for dicing stew meat? Maybe, an organic vegetable cutting piece is what you’ve lacked all this time? Or, it happens, that you might require a simple multi-purpose cutting surface for preparing all kinds of food at once?

I’m going to try to answer these and many other questions that can help you organize your kitchen space according to your own needs. Now, let’s get to the bottom of it and review some essential organic bamboo cutting board options.

Bamboo Products as a Modern Solution

Before we dig more deeply into the array of cutting board options, it’s important to get to know bamboo products and their numerous uses in your cooking space.

  • First, non-toxic cutting boards made of bamboo are a new favorite on the kitchen supplies market. Their popularity has grown fast since cooking specialists discovered them as an alternative to the common cutting boards. Made of bamboo plants, such products are considered to cause little if no harm to the environment and are very eco-friendly. This is because of the growth speed at which the plant reproduces. It’s been estimated that a single bundle of bamboo grows approximately 1.5 inches per hour, which is about 35 inches per day. At this rate, the grassy plant is unlikely to be endangered by chopping down.

Moreover, this product is recommended by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe and high-quality kitchen utility due to its non-hazardous and bacteria-resistant composition.

  • Second, as bamboo cutting boards have been introduced to people all over the world, a question of ‘What’s the difference between a normal cutting board and a bamboo one?’ has emerged. Well, it’s quite simple. Non-wood cutting boards, that is bamboo, are very dense. This makes them easy to clean because food particles don’t get stuck in the crevices. On the other hand, a wood board wears out with time and is rather difficult to clean up from food pieces that start decaying in the cracks and get bacteria infestations.

Also, compared to a wood board, a bamboo one is always lighter both in color and weight. This makes it a perfectly comfortable add-on to any cooking space, as well as a sustainable alternative.

  • Third, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining, bamboo cutting boards are no different from others besides a few minor details. Such products are generally washed by hand in a stream of lukewarm water. After the soap has been applied, the board is gently rinsed just to wash out the foam.

After using a bamboo cutting board meat and vegetable particles can get into crevices and start to decay. To disinfect it from harmful bacteria, you may want to apply vinegar, lemon juice, or salt that treats germs perfectly. Don’t forget to rinse the product properly as the substances can influence the smell or taste of your next food prepping.

However, it’s not recommended to keep a bamboo item in water for too long, for it has strong absorption properties and can be damaged by excessive moisture.

Then, the cutting board has to be dried out thoroughly with a regular towel or kitchen towels. Afterward, it’s essential to place the board in a ventilated area and wait for the utility to dry.

Top 7 Best Bamboo Cutting Board Products for Your Kitchen Comfort in 2020

Varying in size, properties, and purpose, bamboo boards can perform various functions, as well as they can possess additional benefits that come in handy while cooking. Choosing a board for your personal use is a responsible task to do that should be approached with individual precision and caution. That’s why I’ve got this bamboo cutting boards review list for you.

So, here are my favorite picks that either I or my friends and colleagues have used as a complement to their kitchens.

1. HHX Rise Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board — the Best Thick Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board is a 100% bamboo product that relies on durability and multi-functionality. Thanks to be densely composed of natural materials, the board doesn’t contain any chemical elements, like bisphenol-A that many kitchen utilities are based on to ensure their long-lasting properties. The surface is well-polished and completely splinter-free which makes it one of the safest and child-friendly kitchen utilities on the market.

While the product is designed to be rather heavy-duty in order to ground it properly on smooth kitchen counters, it remains very handy and lightweight that makes it easy to carry around any kitchen space. The dimensions are inclusive and may vary depending on the prototype (small, medium, or large). They are calculated to be an ample place for performing different cooking routines: from slicing and dicing meat to cleaning fish and simply cutting bread.

On top of that, the HHX board is equipped with several dents that act like separate sections for keeping additional ingredients to your dish. As they are water and acid-resistant, you can store garlic, onions, lemons, and other small-sized vegetables in them to make cooking more comfortable. Also, the perimeter of the board is carved with a deep sunken area designed specifically for collecting liquids. As you chop meat or cut a juicy lemon, the water goes all the way around the area which doesn’t allow the liquid to spill on the table or kitchen counter.

Besides common cutting board functions, the product can also be used as a dish plate, especially for appetizers. Cheese or meat, vegetables or fruit, the board will make up a beautiful and multi-purpose compliment to the diner table.

All of this is bettered by a very reasonable price for such a long-lasting utility that will surely serve for a long time.

  • Smooth, anti-splinter surface;
  • Perfect for chopping meat;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Equipped with water-collecting dents;
  • Heavy-duty and durable;
  • No sliding down from the kitchen counter.
  • The handle might not be very comfortable for some people.

2. Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean Bamboo Cutting Board — the Best Classy Eco Friendly Cutting Board

The products by the renowned Seville Company have been around for quite some time which makes them one of the most reliable kitchen utility providers. This particular prototype is the best bamboo cutting board when it comes to versatility and a modern approach.

Designed to actually last, the board is made of exclusively natural bamboo-derived materials that ensure its eco-friendliness and economical application. The top layer is covered with a damage-resistant non-harmful varnish and is well-polished to avoid any danger for the user. Also, the front part is equipped with a curved area for fitting in one of the product’s many mats.

Right, the cutting board has a 7-mat technology that is stored inside the board itself. Each mat is specifically elaborated for being used with a certain type of food, like meat, fish, vegetables, chicken, bread, etc. This is done as a sanitary precaution against a possible bacteria spreading when cooking different dishes. The mats are made free of chemicals and won’t change the taste of your food, neither will they add any synthetic smell.

Since the sheets are packed in the board itself, all you need to do is to take out a mat that suits your food choice and insert it in the particular designated area on the board. The sheets are slide-proof and won’t cause any trouble while performing any cutting-related activities.

To ensure the comfortable and effortless use of the board, the bottom is equipped with silicon-derived holders. Moreover, there are handy gaps underneath that are meant to make lifting and moving the board easy. And based on water-resistant materials, both the board and the mats are cleaned nicely in warm tub water simply by using a sponge and some dish soap.

When it comes to the price, I can surely say it’s more than sensible regarding the fact that you’re paying not only for a cutting board but also for safety and versatility.

  • Damage and scratch-proof;
  • Suitable for all kinds of food;
  • Odor-free;
  • Has a nice place for storing mats.
  • Difficult to dry the mats.

3. Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board — the Best Simply Bamboo Cutting Board

Among the variety of cutting board products, the Midori Wood Cutting Board stands out due to its sufficiency and simplicity.

First, the board is a great choice both as a gift and as a personal in-kitchen cutting surface. The smooth coating doesn’t harm or dull knives and utensils, whereas it remains sufficient and hard, and doesn’t soften over time. Also, the surface is covered with mineral oil that smoothes down any splinters and sharp edges. Based on renewable bamboo, the board is more resistant to wetness and dries up more rapidly without letting the water soak in into the material.

Second, it’s unlikely to be confused with other products of this type not only because it looks more presentable but because it is ultralight. Though it’s meant to withstand cuts, cracks, and other sharp-object damages, it’s done not by making it heavy-duty but by enhancing it with resilient, organic components.

Third, thinner than a nickel coin, this organic cutting board is placed and firmly fixed on the kitchen counter thanks to the slightly curved shape. This retains the board from wobbling or moving around, making your food carving and slicing perfectly precise.

Last but not least, the maintenance of the board is also simplified. If the surface is covered in vegetable or meat residue, you might only need to wipe it with a towel. In order to avoid any stains, wash the board lightly in warm water.

If you look at the pricing of the Midori Way utilities, you’ll see that it’s rather lower than for other high quality cutting boards. This can be explained by the use of relatively cheap, eco-friendly materials and a simple build.

  • Classy and stylish;
  • Doesn’t collect water on the surface;
  • Can be used as an appetizer plate;
  • More water-resistant than other bamboo products.
  • Doesn’t have a handle.

4. Premium Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove — an Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Another edition of totally bamboo cutting boards by Royal Craft Food is a real helper. The board is crafted specifically for dealing with large portions of meat and poultry, as well as fruit and vegetables. Here, the user is never to be limited by any means they’d like to prepare their food. From chopping cabbage to rolling out the dough, there is always enough room to do something else.

Framed with a deep liquid-collecting dent, you can rest assured that no juice or water will spill over the edges. This function also allows for preventing possible contamination from previously processed food. Furthermore, if you need to move the bulky board, it can be done effortlessly by grabbing the underneath handles which are perfectly calibrated for containing any watery substance on the top.

One of the greatest pros of this item is the resistance against odors. Since bamboo is a very simple material to maintain, it requires minor clean-ups to rid the board of any smell, coloring, natural dyers, etc. However, mind that this product isn’t a solution to the question ‘Are these bamboo cutting boards dishwashers safe?’ Such material is still pretty susceptible to moisture though it’s more resistant than other bamboo-based boards.

Regarding the multipurpose nature of the product, it’s designed to have the ‘flip option’ which turns the board into two-sided. If the former side is worn out after a few years of everyday use, you can turn the product and receive another perfectly good cutting board.

The price for this item is another matter. First, it’s unbelievably low for a product of such dimensions. Second, compared to other bamboo-based utilities, the versatility of this item generally adds a few more dollars on the top but not here. In other words, you get two products for a very economical price of one.

  • Large-size, suitable for any prepping;
  • Contamination-free;
  • Hard and durable;
  • Reversible;
  • Doesn’t absorb smells and liquids.
  • Quite hefty.

5. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board — the Best Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Here goes another thick bamboo cutting board that has received nothing but wondrous reviews recently. The Greener Chef item is nearly 20 inches long and 13 inches wide that makes it perfect for a restaurant at the highest volume or a big family. And no wonder that the product is so popular since the company itself is a small family-owned business that aims at providing the best quality utilities for regular kitchens.

By combining bamboo and wood, the product is indeed a sturdy and long-lasting piece. Whereas, the sanding technology applied afterward hardens the top layer and makes it resilient to most heavy damages. You don’t need to worry about accidentally splitting or chipping the product – it’s practically impossible, and for this, the company provides a paper assurance.

Though the utility is smooth and splinter-free, neither the meat nor the board itself will slip out while prepping. Its non-bacteria and mineral oil coating provide the best assurance of safety and cleanliness. It can be washed with water of all temperatures, and it will last for a long time. On top of that, you can always apply oil to remove unevenness or dents.

Since it’s not a plastic-based product, you can carelessly put hot casseroles or pans on it, it won’t burn or scorch as it’s made to withstand high and low temperatures. Furthermore, there is no chance of damaging utensils as the coating doesn’t blunt or scratch metal surfaces.

I believe that these pros improve the overall impression of the product, as well as the price, doesn’t really bite. The cost is very friendly, you don’t have to overpay for a product the real worth of which you’re not even aware of.

  • Ergonomical;
  • Gentle to the touch;
  • Sturdy;
  • No additional maintenance is required.
  • No handle.

6. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Silicone Feet — a Natural Bamboo Cutting Board

The producer, Glorytech, has focused its attention on manufacturing outdoor and indoor supplies to any taste. This simply bamboo cutting board is a great attribute to any kitchen or dinner table. Thanks to the densely compressed bamboo, the board is considered quite heavy-duty, especially if you take a look at the dimensions. However, regardless of its appearance, it is light and comfortable to use both by adults and children.

On one side, all over the perimeter, there’s a barely visible indentation. Such technology is meant to save you from any unnecessary mess caused by liquids squeezed out of vegetables, meat, fish, etc.

Also, the utility can be transformed into a serving plate simply by reversing it. There, two specially designated sections can be used for serving bulky food or sides. The product is definitely smoother on this side to ensure complete comfort and a presentable look. Used either for introducing appetizers on your living room diner table or organizing ingredients while cooking, the board is really handy.

What really makes this extra large bamboo cutting board outstanding, is its all-adjustable holding feature. The product is equipped with four silicon-based tablets that you may utilize as holders, for instance, by laying the board on the wall.

  • Very light;
  • Classical design;
  • Extra-large and spacy;
  • Modified with silicon-based holders.
  • May get stained.

7. Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Board — One of the Best Non Toxic Cutting Boards

The last honorable mention is the Heim thin bamboo cutting board that combines style, versatility, and comfort.
Suitable for prepping all kinds of food, the board is a simplistic complement to cooking routines. Here, the prime purpose is to provide a reliable surface that will support heavy chopping of meat and seafood, as well as light slicing of greens and fruit. Yes, it’s thin and doesn’t take much space but, at the same time, it’s massive enough to get fixed firmly. The board doesn’t jump up or slide from side to side, neither does it move even should there be any liquid underneath.

Unlike other similar products, this eco-friendly cutting board hardly absorbs any moisture from the humid kitchen air, thus staying rugged for much longer. Based on precise calculations, the volume of the utility is designed to fit most regular cabinets or drawers. It can also be placed near the stove, as well as on the top of a microwave; it won’t cause any damaging pressure for kitchen appliances.

You won’t need to pay any extra money for it since the price is more than reasonable and doesn’t exceed the average cost of a regular cutting board.

  • Completely environmentally-friendly;
  • Heavy-duty, suitable for hard prepping;
  • Fits into the normal kitchen furniture;
  • Water and moisture-resistant.
  • No food sections.

Final Take on Bamboo Utilities

Whenever you cook, the kitchen is a place of comfort and ease. As I’ve learned myself, such an environment is only possible when you’re surrounded by things that you love, know how to use, and have served you for long enough.

A cutting board is an essential tool in any kitchen, and bamboo cutting boards offer a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts. Bamboo is a harder material, meaning that it will withstand more wear and tear than wood. It is also less absorbent than wood, meaning that it is less likely to harbor bacteria. Moreover, bamboo cutting boards are often more attractive than their wooden counterparts, making them a more pleasant addition to your kitchen.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I did! Have you changed your old cutting utility for its bamboo-based alternative? How do you feel about it? Make sure to comment below!

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