Best Pizza Peels: The Most Comprehensive and Best Pizza Peels Reviews

Since childhood, I’ve always been a pizza-making enthusiast. I tried to cook in different methods, as I have not always had access to specialized pizza-making equipment. As days passed by, I work with a grill and have to get new tools to go with this.

While in my quick visit to Italy back in 2014, I had the opportunity to use a specialized pizza oven and realized I needed different peels to prepare pizza. Having tried several pizza-making methods, I have used varying peels, and this has contributed significantly to my expertise in efficiently making healthy and delicious pizzas.

Firstly, pizza peels are essential as they help in maintaining the shape of the pizza when placing on a grill or in an oven. It should allow for easy slide of the pizza onto the intended surface to preserve the structure, otherwise, using bare hands to do this would deform it. The length of the handle is also a significant concern when dealing with large ovens. It is essential to have a tool that can reach to the furthest end of the stove without risking burns. In this review, I will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the best pizza peels that I’ve used so far. 

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Top 9 Pizza Peels – Picking the Right Pizza Peel 

Depending on the pizza-making method used, some pizza peels might be suitable and others not. Considerable thought is to be taken when selecting the tool if one is to make delicious pizzas that are not deformed, and to prevent hand burns. Noteworthy, an essential step in preparing pizzas is always to dust the peels to prevent gluing of the dough. Here’s an overview of my favorite pizza peels shortlisted from an extensive list of tools I’ve used over the years.

Kitchen Supply 12-Inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

This efficient pizza peel by Kitchen Supply is one of the most useful tools you can find. It is made of an aluminum plate. The surface offers minimal friction and allows for a smooth slide of the pizza onto the grill or oven. The plate has dimensions of 12” by 14”, and this makes it ideal for carrying small, medium and large-sized pizzas.

Another incredible feature is the wooden handle. Wood is a poor conductor of heat, and therefore this insulates preventing the pizza maker from being burnt. This tool has a considerably long handle, which is long enough to allow access to the furthest end of an oven. Considering that the most distant parts are often the hottest, the long handle makes it possible to place pizzas without being burnt.

I love this tool because it always feels smooth when picking pizzas and sliding them in the oven. On that note, I recommend this tool for use when making pizzas in the oven owing to the long handle. Here are the selling points and the disadvantages of the tool.

Kitchen Supply Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle
Kitchen Supply Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle
There are peels of many sizes, with the length of the handle suited to the depth of the oven, and the size of the carrying surface suited to the size of the food it is meant to carry.

  • It has a large plate to carry small, middle and large-sized pizzas
  • It is made of aluminum which allows smooth sliding of pizzas
  • It has a long handle for reaching the furthest ends of ovens
  • The handle is made of wood for efficient insulation
  • It is considerably pricy
  • It does not have a safety back step

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle

The Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza pill is a top-quality tool used by many pizzaiolos. The peel has a sleek design, and one of the most conspicuous features about it is the safety back step that prevents the pizza from sliding backward off the blade when picking it. It has an aluminum plate, which is very slippery, therefore making the placement of pizzas on ovens, and plates smooth and easy. Another ingenious feature is the foldable wooden handle.

The handle can be turned at an angle of 180° to prevent breaking and facilitate easy storage. Also, the wooden material used serves as an insulator against too much heat. With a length of 12 inches and a width of 14 inches, the peel has an ideal size to hold both small and large-sized pizzas. However, this peel has a considerably short handle, and it would be challenging to reach the furthest ends of large ovens with it. On that note, I recommend it to individuals with grills and both small, and mid-sized ovens. Here are the pluses and minuses of this tool.

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle
Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle
POMODORO's Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wooden Handle was crafted specifically for the pizza maker, home chef and artisan baker.

  • It has a safety back step to prevent backward sliding of pizza
  • It has a foldable handle for easy storage
  • It has a wide plate ideal for carrying small and large pizzas
  • It has a strong aluminum blade
  • It is a little pricy
  • It is considerably short handle

Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle – One of the Best Wood Pizza Peels

The Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel is a superior quality all wooden tool that is best used as a prep peel. One of the things I love about this tool is that it is strong. I’ve had bad experiences with several poorly crafted aluminum peels which in different occasions fell pizzas owing to the weak blades.

It has dimensions of 21 by 13.5 by 13.5 inches, so you can comfortably carry large pizzas without the risk of them falling. The only structural downside I can think of is that it is a little bit short handle, which can make it challenging to safely reach the furthest parts of the oven deck. Look at the listed pros and cons of the peel.

Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle
Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle
Our Frederica Trading pizza peel paddle is made from premium, natural bamboo wood that is ethically sourced.

  • It has a big surface for safe carrying of large pizzas
  • It is strong and not susceptible to breakages
  • It is non-toxic and safe regarding human health
  • It offers multipurpose use
  • It may warp as a result of cleaning
  • It has a somewhat short handle

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel – Top Pizza Peels Wooden Equipment

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel no only features a sleek design, but also has a back and sidestep that holds the pizza from falling sideways or backward off the blade. This high-performance tool has a blade made of aluminum, which has been glazed with a non-stick substance, which is safe as the FDA approves it for use in kitchenware. The blade surface has divots, which prevent gluing of the dough for smooth placement on the oven deck.

This means one does not have to sprinkle a lot of flour on the peel to prevent sticking. It also features a wooden handle which is fixed to the blade at an elevated angle for efficient access to oven ends. The handle serves as a safety feature as it insulates against the extreme heat inside the oven. The 14-inch blade is perfect for carrying large pizzas. I recommend it to both pizzaiolos and rookie pizza makers. Below is a summary of the merits and drawbacks.

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel
The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel
Take the hassle out of making pizza with The Ultimate Pizza Peel.

  • It has a back step to prevent unintended sliding of pizzas
  • It has a long, elevated handle for easy access to all parts of the oven deck
  • The blade has divots to inhibit gluing of the dough
  • It is somewhat pricy

Checkeredchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with Folding Handle

The Checkered Chef Stainless Steel pizza peel is one of the cheap pizza peels around. Its thin yet strong blade makes it easy to lift pizzas off the oven deck without risk of deforming or dropping them. The foldable handle makes for easy storage of the tool, as all one needs to do to lift the handle forwards. It also has a rubbed-made handle which offers a comfortable grip and safe insulation from extreme heat.

Also, the handle is considerably long, making it convenient to access all parts of oven decks. The 9” by 13.5” blade is ideal for carrying small and medium-sized pizzas. Another factor that saw this tool, making it to my top nine peels is the sturdiness to withstand warping tendencies. Unlike in wooden and many aluminum peels, the Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Pizza peel will retrain its flatness even after a long period of washing. I have used this tool for making pizzas using a grill and also an oven. Here are the peel’s merits and demerits.

Checkeredchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with Folding Handle
Checkeredchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with Folding Handle
Whether you’re reheating a restaurant pizza, cooking a pizza from scratch or even using a store bought crust, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel.

  • Has a thin but strong blade convenient for lifting heavy pizzas
  • Has long rubber-made handle for reaching all parts of the oven deck
  • It has a foldable handle for storage convenience 
  • It is rather cheap
  • Has a somewhat small knife inconvenient for carrying large pizzas

BHG American Metalcraft 3512 35.5″ Aluminum Pizza Peel

The American Metalcraft 3512 35.5″ pizza peel is a convenient tool to lifting pizzas, especially when baking in a large oven, thanks to the 19” handle, which makes it comfortable to safely reach the extreme ends of the oven. Also, it has a considerably large plate which measures 12 inches by 14 inches, and this gives it just the perfect size for carrying large pizzas.

The pizza peels aluminum blade offers little resistance to sliding of pizzas after a bit of dusting with flour has been done beforehand, and therefore is essential in maintaining their shapes. One drawback is that there are chances of dropping pizzas when using this peel as it lacks a back step for holding them in place. Here’s a summary of the positive features and demerits associated with the peel.

BHG American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel
BHG American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel
Pull out the perfect pizza with American Metalcraft’s Aluminum Pizza Peel!

  • It is one of the best pizza oven peels owing to the long handle
  • Has a high-quality aluminum plate which facilitates smooth sliding of pizza onto oven deck and trays
  • The insulative wooden handle ensures the safety of the user when using the peel
  • It is one of the cheap pizza peels in the market
  • It does not have a back step for securing pizza in place

Artaste 32352 Aluminum Pizza Peel with Folding Handle – Peels Pizza Making Equipment

The Artaste 32352 Aluminium pizza peel is a classy looking pizza lifting tool made of aluminum for the blade part and wood for the handle part. The handle conveniently folds and can be detached to allow for appropriate storage and even for ease of cleaning. Noteworthy, the blade is perforated, and this ensures that no much flour goes to be wasted when dusting the blade to avoid sticking of the dough.

I also love it as it is light but strong enough to carry large pizzas, thanks to the 12” by 14” large blade size. The only downside I would point out is the short handle, and this makes it unsafe when making pizzas in large ovens. Other than that, the Artatste 32352 is a great tool for us by both novice and experienced pizza makers. 

Artaste 32352 Aluminum Pizza Peel with Folding Handle
Artaste 32352 Aluminum Pizza Peel with Folding Handle
Artaste is a branch brand of New Star Foodservice, specializes in the production of quality products for the culinary enthusiast in your home.

  • Features a perforated blade for minimal use of floor to avoid sticking of the dough
  • It has a foldable handle for easy storage
  • The handle can be detached from the blade to allow easy cleaning
  • It is ideal for carrying large-sized pizzas 
  • Has a somewhat short handle therefore not ideal for use in large ovens
  • It is pricy

Acacia Wood Pizza Peel with Cutter – Best Metal Pizza Peels

The Acacia Wood Pizza peel is an all-wooden pizza-lifting tool designed to deliver high performance for long. This durable tool tapered edges to allow easy and smooth lifting of pizzas without interfering with their shape. Considering that it is made of wood, this makes it best for use as a prep peel rather than an oven peel.

It’s one of my favorite because it has a large surface of 19 inches by 12 inches, therefore, making it perfect for carrying big-sized pizzas. However, it has a somewhat short handle and thus might be challenging to use in a large oven. Again, one of the most common disadvantages with wooden peels is that this Acacia wood pizza peel is prone to warping over time owing to water sipping into the wood. Other than that, the peel is an excellent tool with high durability, and I would recommend it any time. Here are its pros and cons.

Acacia Wood Pizza Peel with Cutter
Acacia Wood Pizza Peel with Cutter
If you love pizza and want to do it right, then you must have our Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutting Wheel in your collection.

  • It is perfect for use as a prep peel
  • Has a large surface for easy lifting of large pizzas
  • It features a smoothened edge making it convenient to lift pizzas off surfaces 
  • It is sturdy and therefore offers durable
  • It is susceptible to warping over time as a result of cleaning
  • It is somewhat costly

Pizzacraft Pizza Peel with Folding Wood Handle – Top Pizza Peels

Pizzacraft Pizza peel is a budget tool that offers excellent performance despite its low price range. It has a stainless steel blade that is resistant to bending, and this makes for easy lifting of pizzas without deforming them. The foldable wooden handle goes a long way in facilitating easy storage of the tool.

An essential design feature is a backward step, which helps to hold the pizza in place without sliding backward. I love to use this peel when making pizzas using a grill as its features make this method ideal. The major drawback I would point out is the somewhat small size of the blade, which makes the peel not perfect for use when lifting large pizzas. Let’s look at its merits and the downsides.

Pizzacraft Pizza Peel with Folding Wood Handle
Pizzacraft Pizza Peel with Folding Wood Handle
Easily transfer pizzas from your oven or grill with this stainless steel pizza peel with folding wooden handle

  • It has a back step for holding the pizza in place
  • It is rather cheap
  • Has a foldable handle to facilitate easy storage
  • The blade is made of strong stainless steel that offers longevity
  • Has a short blade not ideal for large ovens
  • Has a medium-sized blade not ideal for large pizzas

Kitchen Supply Aluminum Pizza PeelChef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood HandleBamboo Wooden Pizza Peel PaddleThe Ultimate Aluminum Pizza PeelCheckeredchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel With Folding Handle
Product Dimensions: 26 x 12 x 14 inchesProduct Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 1 inchesProduct Dimensions: 21.8 x 13.5 x 0.5 inchesProduct Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 4 inchesProduct Dimensions: 2 x 15.9 x 9.8 inches
Item Weight: 1.85 poundsItem Weight: 1.76 poundsItem Weight: 2 poundsItem Weight: 1.32 poundsItem Weight: 1.67 pounds
Shopping Weight: 1.85 poundsShopping Weight: 1.81 poundsShopping Weight: 2.55 poundsShopping Weight: 1.92 poundsShopping Weight: 1.8 pounds
Manufacturer: Honey-Can-DoManufacturer: POMODOROManufacturer: Frederica TradingManufacturer: Love This Want ThisManufacturer: Checkered Chef
American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood HandleArtaste Stainless Steel Fish Spatula with Solid Wood HandleAcacia Wood Pizza Peel With CutterPizzacraft Pizza Peel With Folding Wood Handle For Easy Storage
Product Dimensions: 2.9 x 12 x 0.2 inchesProduct Dimensions: 12 x 2.8 x 0.8 inchesProduct Dimensions: 19.1 x 12 x 0.6 inchesProduct Dimensions: 2.4 x 9.8 x 27.3 inches
Item Weight: 1 poundsItem Weight: 3.2 ouncesItem Weight: 2.55 poundsItem Weight: 1.85 pounds
Shopping Weight: 1.4 poundsShopping Weight: 4.8 ouncesShopping Weight: 2.55 poundsShopping Weight: 1.85 pounds
Manufacturer: American MetalcraftManufacturer: New Star FoodserviceManufacturer: Minda Bamboo&Wood IndustryManufacturer: Charcoal Companion

Which Brand Is Your Favorite Pizza Peel?

Having gone through the merits and demerits of the pizza peel models above, it is essential to pick one depending on the equipment you’re using to prepare the pizza. If you are using a regular grill, a peel with shorthand is a cool option as you can place pizzas on the grill easily and safely. 

However, people using large ovens need to have peels with longer handles as it is not safe to reach inside the oven owing to the risk of getting burnt. In addition, if you are making large pizzas commercially, large peels will get the job done, as you do not want to drop them while carrying them to or from the oven. If you’ve used any of the above pizza peels before, share your thoughts and preferences below. What do you like the most in the regular pizza peels? What will you pick: long or short ones?

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