Best Fire Starters for Pizza Oven: How to Pick the Prime Tool for You

There are multiple options for the best fire starter material offered on the market. And it is not always easy to pick the right one, especially if you have never used fire starters before. Pizza does not wait for you to find the matches, and even with them, it is always too difficult to light the oven. Besides, it is not wise to use them outdoors, when they can easily get wet. Even if you are a total beginner at homemade pizza, with the tools I am offering here, you will start the fire in the oven in no time, no matter what type of wood you pick.

I have personally checked them on my own pizza ovens and while camping with friends. For as long as I can remember, cooking on the open fire has been my favorite thing ever, the second one was eating delicious pizza. After my trip to Italy, I realized that I can combine both my favorite things together, creating unforgettable tastes of crusty pizza in pizza ovens. Since then, I recommend top tools for your outdoor parties and BBQs with pizza. This time, I have picked the most reliable and affordable items with detailed explanations on how to use a fire starter, tables of pros and cons, and my personal recommendations.

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Top 10+ Fire Starters for Your Pizza Oven

Before we start, let me tell you one thing: while the main purpose of these fire starters is for a pizza oven, you can use them anywhere, even to light your campfire or fireplace. These products were gathered by my own preferences and checked by me. If you have something to add about them, you can do it in the comments. I advise you to read the pros and cons before you will buy one or several items.

1. Kamado Joe KJFS Fire Starters – Ideal Pack for Big Companies

If you are tired from the fluid fire lighter, this kit is definitely for you. It is firm and sturdy, and it is perfect for ceramic grills. These starters are odorless, so you will not feel any scent of diesel, which is the best type of power source. Moreover, it does not provide any smoke too. Each cube in the pack provides the 1300 F temperature while burning.

The developers offer you to try it even if the weather is wet. I believe you can pick the more suitable time for your party, but these starters will work if you already planned to bake delicious pizza. They burn for up to 12 minutes.
The price of the pack is very affordable. It includes 24 fire cubes. These paraffin wax cubes are not toxic.

Kamado Joe KJFS Fire Starters
Kamado Joe KJFS Fire Starters

  • Burn 1300F;
  • Work in rain;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Savvy price.
  • One pack may not be enough.

2. Grill Trade Firestarters – Eco-Friendly Tool for Your Oven

There are 50 firelights in the pack, which may be enough for several BBQ parties or pizza Fridays. Since this lighter is almost weightless and is only 2,4 inches long and 1 inch wide, I recommend you to take it on camping trips as well. It is made of shavings of pinewood and food-grade wax to hold the temperature high and withstand wet weather. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Natural materials in it allow you to cook without any worries. One firelighter burns up to 10 minutes in general. To make a fire, you need just one piece of this product. I recommend it for everyone who is concerned about ecology and wants to enjoy crusty, delicious pizza.

You don’t need to use any liquids additionally to start the fire. The pack is a savvy offer.

  • Contains 50 lighters;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Only 1 starter is required;
  • Lightweight.
  • It is slightly more expensive than similar products on the market.

3. Grill Trade Fire Starter Squares 144 – Natural Helpers for Camping and Cooking

The pack is solid, and you are likely to use it for quite some time. Each fire cube can help you to start the fire. They are odorless, non-toxic, and easy to light. The burning time is up to 10 minutes. The pinewood and food-grade wax are the main components of these fire starters. While Grill Trade says that their product is odorless; somehow, I could feel the pleasant pine aroma on my pizza.

These cubes are compact, which makes it easier for you to place them in the oven, grill, bonfire, fireplace, bbq, any type of stove, chimney, fire pit, and smoker houses. They can easily light up firewood and even wet logs. Take them with you on a hiking trip.

The price of the product varies on the market, though it isn’t likely to harm a budget. The pack includes 144 squares.

  • 144 squares in a pack;
  • Covered in wax;
  • Organic materials;
  • Savvy offer.
  • You may require more than 1 square for a campfire.

4. WH Woodhot Fire Starters – Easy to Light Up Any Fireplace

There are 12 pieces in the pack. To start a fire, you need only one piece. It burns up to 13 minutes, which can be beneficial for campfires aside from cooking purposes. These starters are made of pinewood and fatty and lauric acid. All the ingredients are natural. Each piece is 1 inch wide and 2.4 inches long. The pack weighs almost nothing, and you can easily carry it around in your backpack.

These firestarters are odorless. They don’t smell smoke or chemicals, which is great for pizza in case you don’t want to add any extra fragrance. You can use it for the firepit, lump charcoal, and chimney, apart from the oven and bbq stoves.

The pack has an affordable price. Its price varies in different stores, so you may explore before making a purchase.

  • Natural;
  • Durable;
  • Long effect;
  • Affordable price.
  • Not so effective in rainy weather.

5. Inflame Fire Starters – 50 Pieces to Start a Wood Stove and BBQ

You can ignite these starters in a second. They are suitable for any weather, no matter if it is sun or rain. I still don’t recommend making pizza outdoors while it is raining, but the occasions may differ. The product fires up campfires, wood stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, BBQs. You can order a smaller pack of 24 pieces, but I recommend buying the bigger one. Each piece can start 1 fire.

The firestarter is made of organic wax and recycled biomass fiber. It does not smell at all, and there are no chemicals harmful to your food. They burn 8-12 minutes even in windy weather.

The price is pretty affordable for the whole package. Depending on the seller, the difference in cost for 50 pieces of a pack is several dollars on the market.

  • 50 pieces in the pack;
  • Does not contain chemicals;
  • Works effectively in rain and wind;
  • Savvy offer.
  • Due to the volume, it is not comfortable to carry around.

6. Plow & Hearth Boxed Fatwood Fire Starter – the Best Natural Fire Starter with Eco-Friendly Kindling Sticks

The Boxed Fatwood Fire Starter by Plow & Hearth offers 4 different sizes of boxes. I recommend you use 25LB for your pizza oven, but you can order 10LB, 35LB, and 50LB boxes. If you don’t have a fireplace and don’t use the oven every day, a medium-sized box will be enough for you for some time. The pack is filled with resins that are easy to ignite and are burning evenly. They are free of chemicals and do not produce CO2 emissions. You don’t need to add fuel to start the fire.

Besides, you can forget about the unpleasant and chemical smells. Start the fire with only 2 sticks. This product is actually extremely savvy. I have tried it with my oven for pizza, and a campfire. You can also buy the starter for the fireplace and chimneys or fire pits. The producer of the Fatwood, Plow & Hearth, states that they are not using the live trees. They work with the leftovers of the commercial logging. This product is comfortable to use.

The developers have pre-split each of the sticks into 8 inches long parts. You can hold these sticks near the oven but keep them away from the water. The pack costs $30-35 on average.

  • Savvy offer;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • It does not require any extra fuel;
  • Easy to use;
  • Family-friendly.
  • It costs more than similar products.

7. Lightning Nuggets N100SEB Super Economy Box – the Best Wood Stove Fire Starter for All Fuels

The N100SEB Super Economy Box by Lightning Nuggets is a best seller among natural and simple in-use fire starters. This product works with different fuels and burns for a long time. One pack can be enough for multiple uses. All you need to burn the fire is to place one item inside the oven, with its round side down. Light the top. That’s all. Wait for up to fifteen minutes, and you will bake the pizza. Don’t worry, one nugget is usually enough for a medium-sized pizza. If you want to add more heat, put another one there.

The pack includes 100 counts. The main material of the product is pine wood, which gives an incredibly pleasant aroma to the pizza. It feels like you are sitting near the campfire, telling each other ghost stories, and eating the tastier pizza in your life. But, you know what, you don’t have to imagine this plot, just move your pizza oven outdoors, and gather your friends for a pizza party with a sleepover. The product works with ovens, fireplaces, campfires, fire pits, beach fires, inserts. It reaches the 8-inch flame. The nuggets are safe to keep close to children; however, I don’t recommend you to let the kids play with them.

The nuggets are safe for the environment and non-toxic. The box is savvy and costs $30-50 from different retailers.

  • Affordable price;
  • Safe for family;
  • The nuggets burn for 15 minutes;
  • Can reach 480 degrees;
  • Can be used in ovens and fireplaces.
  • You have to add the nuggets after 15 minutes.

8. GreenSpark Friendly Fire Starter Bundles – the Pizza Oven Safe Fire Starter Easy to Use

The Friendly Fire Starter Bundles by GreenSpark are great for both indoor and outdoor fires. You can easily light the pizza oven anywhere you are. The product is 100 percent eco-friendly and natural. It is safe for children and families. The fire starter lighter is made of a mix of natural stearin and wood wool. It lasts for up to 10 minutes until burning out. The fire will be lighted even in windy or rainy weather. No matter how damp it is outside, you will be able to cook with one match needed. You don’t even have to put and fuel the liquid.

The Friendly Fire Starter Bundles are simple in use. They are lightweight and portable. The product ignites really fast, like 3 times faster than similar starters. The whole pack is not affected by moisture, so you can light it anytime you want. This is why I recommend you to take this igniter while camping. There is a 70 count inside.

Pay attention! This product is odorless, so if you don’t want to smell pint or other trees, you can opt for this one. Usually, it does not cost more than $30.

  • Eco-friendly;
  • Waterproof;
  • Burns for up to 10 minutes;
  • Savvy pack offer;
  • Affordable price.
  • Requires matches to start the fire.

9. Fire Lighter Jet Flame Butane Gas Refillable Igniter – the Best Heat Gun for Starting Fire

The Fire Lighter Jet Flame Butane Gas Refillable Igniter by CooAoo is a powerful mechanism for your pizza oven. It is long enough to hold it still without the risk of burning while you are lighting the wood or coal. This is the perfect tool for outdoor parties, as it does not need electricity and does not have a chord. I personally like this tool because of the adjustable level of flame. You will find the controller on the button of the product: the plus sign increases the flame, while the minus decreases. The elbow of the igniter is flexible as well, so it is comfortable to use.

There is a refillable lighter with butane. So, it is a savvy offer. Once it runs out of gas, you can refill it. I recommend you hold the igniter by the ergonomic handle, which was designed specifically for this purpose. It does not get heated. Besides the pizza oven, you can light even the gas stove, grills, fireplace. The long handle and adjustable flexible elbow protect your hands. Yet, I don’t recommend giving this tool to children, as they can easily start the fire.

The CooAoo developers offer you an elegant box to pack the igniter and give it as a present to your friends. The company also offers to contact them if there are any questions to ask. The igniter has an affordable price and costs $24.

  • Does not require electricity;
  • You can control the flame;
  • Flexible elbow;
  • Affordable price;
  • Refillable.
  • It works on butane gas.

10. HomeRight Electro Fire Starter – the Top Product Among Non-Toxic Fire Starters

Electro Fire Starter from HomeRight is a bestseller among similar products. It is free of chemicals and simple to use. Besides the pizza oven, you can use it as a lighter for anything you want, including bbq, grill, fireplace, or campfire. The hot air engine helps you to light the wood or charcoal in less than a minute. It works flawlessly even in raw wood. While I recommend you to use it yourself, you may pick this item as a gift to your friends.

A long handle prevents you from burning your fingers. All you need to do is to use the ignition switch on the handle. There are two modes for heat, and you can use more power when you have a big amount of wood to light. The first position on a switcher is for the incredibly hot air, and the second is for the high-velocity flow of air. The tool holds 1500 degrees of the temperature inside, and it is not chemical at all. HomeRight is an American producer of outdoors helpful tools.

They offer a 2-year warranty on this fire starter. There is a thermal protection coating for more comfortable use. After the tool works for some time, it will automatically start to cool down. Usually, it takes up to 20 minutes.
For a professional device, the price is pretty affordable, as the fire starter costs around $80.

  • Affordable price;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Two heat modes;
  • Comfortable to use;
  • Two years warranty.
  • You have to use an extension cord for long distances.

11. Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter – One of the Best Lighters for Camping with Advanced Started System

The Rapidfire Chimney Starter by Weber lights the coal and wood evenly and fast. The aluminum steel container holds up to 22-1/2 inches briquettes for grill or pizza oven. While this item is usually on demand among fireplace owners, I must tell you that the chimney system somehow makes the pizza baking even more smooth and professional. You can’t imagine how delicious the crusty margarita or Quattro Formaggio is after you baked it with this starter. The coal or wood from the container is already on fire, and when you put it in the oven, you receive immediate results.

There is a thermoplastic handle, which you will hold. Don’t put your fingers near the hot container, because you will burn your fingers in no time. You don’t need to put any lighter fluid inside. The product’s parameters are 7 – ½ and 7-1/2 and 12 inches. I also suggest you protect your eyes with goggles while you will be spreading the coal or wood in your oven from the container. While the item is 3.3 pounds only, don’t hold it constantly in your hands. After you put burning wood into the oven, the fire starter will need several minutes to cool down.

Keep it away from children. The price varies from $20 to $30.

  • Lights briquettes evenly;
  • Does not require electricity;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable to hold;
  • Affordable price.
  • Keep hot containers away from your hands.

12. Looftlighter Original Electric Fire Starter – the Fastest Electric Fire Starter of 1100F

The Original Electric Fire Starter by Looftlighter provides your oven with the light in no time. It quickly reaches 1100F temperature and makes the charcoal or wood-burning in less than 1 minute. You can light everything with this instrument, from logs and special briquettes to charcoal bbq grill. I have personally checked it out on my pizza oven with wood and charcoal, and even though I prefer to use old-fashioned wood, I did not have problems with both materials burning. So, if you are buying mini fire starter logs, you can opt for this tool to lighten them as well.

There is no gas needed for the starter. There are no toxic ingredients needed. So, basically, this is an extremely eco-friendly tool. By using it, you cut the number of CO2 emissions in the air. The fire starter works with heated air. After you push the button, you receive the flow of heat. After you use it, the tool requires several minutes to cool down. I recommend you to be cautious about the heated part of the lighter and do not touch it after you just use the product. Hold it with the handle, which is long enough and perfect for anyone.

Don’t let children touch the fire starter or play with it. Looftlighter’s fire starter costs around $65.

No products found.

  • Easy to use;
  • Long chord;
  • Fast to heat;
  • Fast to cool down;
  • Affordable price.
  • The part with hot air must not be touched until it cools down.

Buyer’s Guide on Top Fire Starters

Before you order any of these fire starters, learn all the features that they may offer you. Check out this brief but detailed guide, and make sure you know what you want to find in fire starters.

What to look for when choosing fire starters?

There are hundreds and thousands of products available on the market. They all are claimed to be the best in starting the fire for your stove. However, not all of them are equally good. I have gathered only the top offers I tested myself and made numerous types of yummy pizzas on them, but you still need a guide through the main features. Pay attention to those factors:

  • The place. Some fire starters work only inside the house. They can’t stand the rain and wind. Other fire starters are too smelly and can’t be used indoors. You need to find those tools that start fire both indoors and outdoors;
  • Materials. It is highly important to use non-toxic materials when you are cooking the food. The best option is shredded pine trees, fiber, and wax;
  • Burning time. The best fire starters can manage to hold up to 10-12 minutes. They must also be simple to light;
  • Durability. The most profitable for you situation is when you use only 1 piece to start the fire. Usually, the pack includes 20-50 pieces. Calculate the number of starters you need to use;
  • Affordability. Firestarters must not cost all the money in the world, no matter how well they cope with the task. Compare the prices on the market before you buy anything.

How do fire starters work?

There are different types of fire starters. Some of them are made of metal and do not require any matches at all. You can either press the button on such fire starters or stroke two pieces against each other to get the fire.

  • Electric fire starters can produce the fire from the electric socket. You don’t need the gas for it, and they are easy to ignite. However, you still need electricity.
  • A torch fire lighter uses gas to start the fire. You don’t need to search for an electric power outlet. Your movements are free from the cord. Yet, you have to make sure that there is gas inside it.
  • For other types of fire starters, which include those that are made from wood and wax, you need to use matches or lighter. They usually don’t require any fuel to burn, but you have to make sure that you have the lighter or matches with you. If you are making camp in the rain, you have to keep in mind that matches and wood must be covered from moisture. These fire starters were made specifically to light up the fire in no time, so they will easily burn even if you use the wet log.

What are fire starters made out of?

As I have mentioned before, it is vital to find fire starters made from organic materials that will not poison your pizzas. They must be nontoxic and easy to burn. The most popular materials for fire starters are:

  • Tree barks and sticks. Every tree, which can be easily ignited and burned for a long time, suits well. Birchbark, pine bark, balsam tree are the most popular options among pizza makers;
  • Wax. Wax protects the flame from the wind and rain. It keeps the heat for a long time, evenly spreading it across the fire starter. It is organic and odorless;
  • Lauric acid. While it has an “acid” word in it, this component is totally organic. It can be found in coconut milk and palm oil. It exists in goat and cow milk. This acid is found even in human breast milk;
  • Recycled fiber. You might have found this type of material among the products I recommended you here. I consider it one of the most eco-friendly fire starters. You receive the components to your fire from the recycled product, which saves the earth and feeds you with the pizza of your dreams. All you need is to light it.

Best Fire Starters FAQ

Here are the most popular questions I’ve found on the internet. You may find the answers helpful for you. If you have something to add to my wisdom-sharing procedure, you can do it in the comments below.

How to light a pizza oven with fire starters?

You can start with building a fire in the center of the oven using the sticks. Take up to 8-9 sticks for a medium-size oven. Yet, it depends on the size of the oven. If you have specific organic fire starters that I describe in the list above, you can add one of them to the fire. This way, you receive the even flame. Light up the fire with a torch, matches, or a lighter. The firestarter works faster. You receive the fire in several seconds.

Wait for the fire to consume all the wood around. It must burn bright for some time until it begins to spread evenly and lower down. Once the fire begins to settle down, add several pieces of wood into the flame. They must be neither too long nor big. The 3-4 inches diameter and 17 inches long are more than enough. Wait for it to burn. You can spend up to 20 minutes heating up the oven. When the time is right, you will see the wood is getting white. This is the time for you to put a pizza inside it. Make sure there is enough space for it. Don’t rush with putting the pizza inside the oven.

How long do fire starters last?

The durability of every fire starter on the list is different. I gathered here numerous options for you on purpose. This way, you can understand which product you need the most for your oven. You may also find out that despite the fact that many of them are made for one-time use only, there are enough pieces in the pack to provide you with the fuel for your fire for several months.
Usually, you require only one firestarter made of dry wood shavings and wax or fiber and wax. There are cubic pieces made of compressed wood that burn equally longer and come in a pack of 24 items or even 100.

One piece is enough for one fire. You will also need logs, sticks, or other materials you want to burn using the firestarter. If you have enough such components, you will be able to use the pack as long as there are pieces left. The most popular option is a 50-pieces pack, which can be used during 50 campfires. To do this, make sure you have the matches with you or a lighter to start the fire. Most of the products on the list do not require diesel or another type of fuel.

Are fire starters toxic?

It is up to you whether you want to start the fire with toxic elements or not. Usually, since toxins are incredibly harmful to your health and our ecology in general, developers make firestarters from natural materials like wood and wax. Though some of them are not as flammable as the logs covered with toxic elements, they are not dangerous for your health. We are talking about the food here, and I strongly recommend avoiding any firestarters that contain toxins since such products can transfer them into your food.
If you believe that these logs may be dangerous, you have to avoid them.

The truth is that some types really contain heavy metals inside and may provide a high level of toxicity. You need to read the warnings and description provided by the manufacturer of the firestarters before you buy anything. Toxins are dangerous not only for you but for your children and even pets. They may cause headaches, stomach aches, or even food poisoning. If you have toxic fire starters nearby, it is best to get rid of them. Don’t try to burn them as even the smoke can poison you. Never use them in your pizza oven.


After I have mentioned all these great tools for you, you may feel like you are lost among the top-7 fire starters for your pizza oven. Well, don’t be! They are different enough to meet the specific demands of each user. And everyone can find the best fire starter tool while looking closely at the descriptions and tables of pros and cons. Before you will buy anything, pay attention to the next features:

  • Material;
  • Design. The best is an adjustable detail of the product;
  • Comfortable usage. Make sure there is a handle attached with a fire-proof cover;
  • Price. It must be justified. I don’t recommend you to opt for the cheapest one, but it must be still affordable;
  • Whether it is reusable or disposable;
  • Organic or chemical components;
  • Make sure to check how long the starter works.

Taking all these factors into consideration, you can pick the perfect product for you. Now, I am really curious about your preferences. Name them, please, and tell whether you are using fire starters at all.

If you have already tried some of the fire-starters I discuss here, please, write your comments below. How do you like them? Can you add more pros and cons to my list? It is perfectly suitable to mention not only the pros but the cons as well. If you want to disagree with me, just prove your point.

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