Best Flour for Pizza Dough – Make the Best Pizza Crusts Like a Pro

Have you finally got hold of a pizza recipe you wish to try out? You will need all the right ingredients to make it happen. However, with all the diverse types of flours on the market, you might have some questions like, how can I be sure that a specific choice will fit my needs?

What you should keep in mind is that the type of flour is a major determinant of the outcome you get when you take that pizza out of the oven. As a person who loves to cook, I have met many people who get confused about the types of flours and their specific purposes.

This is why I would love to share my experiences through writing this review to help anyone who seeks help. If you are one of them, follow this guide carefully. I would like to highlight a few types of flours that are ideal for pizza dough. My review has covered both gluten-free flours and those with gluten included.

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I have selected the top 6 flours that I feel are best for making pizza dough. The first three contain gluten, while the last three are gluten-free. Besides a description of each, I have also included a list of pros and cons to help ease your decision-making. Furthermore, all these can easily be purchased from the comfort of your home, on Amazon.

1. King Arthur Flour – Get the Best Flour for Pizza Dough That Is Unbleached and Organic

If you are an extremely conscious person when it comes to what you consume, you should consider King Arthur flour. This is because it is organic. While some people perceive the term organic as one that is thrown in by marketers to attract consumers to specific products, research has shown that the consumption of organic foods leads to better health and nutrition.

Organic, in this case, means that the flour is less likely to have fattening effects on your body. This is because it is made up of fewer gluten proteins and starch. Hence, it has less adverse effects on our bodies. Besides being organic, the flour also contains no preservatives. This is also a healthy alternative compared to those with added chemicals.

Furthermore, this flour is unbleached, meaning that it is not wholly refined. Thus, it is richer in some nutrients, compared to bleached flours. It is also all-purpose flour, which means that it will taste good in all recipes. Therefore, if some flour is still left after you have made your pizza dough, you can use it for bread making, among other purposes.

To use this flour, you need to mix it with your other ingredients, such as yeast, which you usually use to prepare your pizza dough. You should, however, note that this flour is relatively expensive compared to the others included in this review.

King Arthur Flour 100% Organic Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, 5 Pound
King Arthur Flour 100% Organic Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, 5 Pound
King Arthur Flour Artisan All-Purpose, is milled from 100% US grown wheat and is of high quality. It is produced from hard red winter and spring wheat and is 100% organic. It makes great European-style hearth bread.

  • It contains no preservatives;
  • The flour is completely organic;
  • It is useful for other baking and kneading purposes.
  • The flour is relatively expensive.

2. Antimo Caputo Italian Flour – Ideal for Those Wondering What Kind of Flour for Pizza Dough Has No Additives

Your search for all-natural flour that contains no additives can end with this one made by the Antimo Caputo Italian Company. The flour has your best health-related interests at heart. Besides, if your recipes require that you ferment your flour for long durations, this one will be ideal as it is suitable for long fermentation baking.

Also, this flour is excellent for making pizza dough due to its water absorption capabilities. It is carefully milled to absorb water better, thereby resulting in a superior yield of the flour. This way, your pizzas, and cakes will turn out great every time. Also, better water absorption means that the flour has high protein content. Thus, this is the flour to choose from if you prefer chewy pizza crusts.

If you are specific about the texture of flour when making dough, this would no longer be a cause of concern for you when using this flour. This is because it consists of soft wheat, which results in soft dough and tender crusts.
Also, it is made with elastic gluten, hence superlative for both professional and home chefs.

Using this flour is simple, as you will only need to mix it with ingredients such as pizza sauce and cheese that you would typically need when preparing your pizza. Even better is that this flour is quite affordable, given its smooth texture and quality. Among the three flours with gluten included in this review, it is the cheapest.

Antimo Caputo Antico Molino Napoli 00' Flour 2.2 Lb
Antimo Caputo Antico Molino Napoli 00' Flour 2.2 Lb
Authentic Antimo Caputo flour. Extra fine flour for baking. Product of Italy. '00' flours work beautifully for breads, pasta, and pizza.

  • This flour is perfect for home ovens that heat up to 500˚F;
  • It has a great texture;
  • The flour has no additives.
  • It is not recommended for gluten-sensitive people.

3. Pillsbury Best All-Purpose Flour

Pillsbury is also all-purpose, meaning that it is versatile and appropriate for all usages, including bread and cake recipes. It also contains a blend of soft and hard wheat. This means that it has reasonable gluten content, and this is just right for your dough.

However, you should note that this flour is bleached. Hence, it would not be the ideal choice for you if your recipe needs unbleached flour. Thus, the bleaching doesn’t affect flour’s nutritional value.

Also, this flour is truly amazing, as it will not require sifting even if your recipe demands so. This is because it gets sifted over 100 times.

This flour is easy to use, as it only requires mixing with other necessary ingredients for your pizza dough. Its price is also reasonable compared to King Arthur’s all-purpose flour.

Pillsbury Best Self Rising Flour
Pillsbury Best Self Rising Flour
Pillsbury Best™ Self Rising Flour takes your final product to new heights, no yeast required.

  • It is highly sifted;
  • The flour is reasonably priced;
  • This flour can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The flour is not ideal for gluten-sensitive individuals.

4. Bella Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour – the Best Gluten Free Flour for Pizza Dough

If you are sensitive to gluten, you should consider this gluten-free flour by Bella. Alternatively, if you are not allergic to gluten but want a pizza that is coarse, consider this flour. This is because high gluten content will make your pizza coating quite rubbery.

It is also all-purpose, meaning that it can be used for all baking recipes. In addition, it is great for people who are intolerant to casein protein. Thus, if you are uncertain about the allergies that you might have, I recommend that you test out this flour first.

Another health-related advantage associated with this flour is that it is sugar-free. Thus, I would suggest buying it for people who do not like high sugar content in their pies, pizzas, muffins, and so on. Besides, the back of its packaging box comes with some recipes that are helpful to those trying them out for the first time.

To use this flour, measure the right proportion for the pizza you want to cook. The next step involves adding other ingredients and stir all together to make your dough. In regard to price, the flour is relatively affordable. Even so, note that the price of a whole packet depends on the number of packs included.

Bella Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Mix Premium Casein Free Healthy Flour
Bella Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Mix Premium Casein Free Healthy Flour
Bella Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Mix is in great new packaging. This 'baking mix for all occasions' allows you to make many of your favorites: flaky pie crust, light, and airy pancakes and waffles, muffins, crepes, biscuits and more. Convert all your favorite recipes with a simple cup-to-cup substitution of this delicious mix. Made with 100% natural whole grain flours and unmodified starches. It’s completely allergen-free!

  • This flour is idyllic for gluten and casein-sensitive people.;
  • It is suitable for different baking recipes;
  • This flour is sugar-free.
  • The taste of the dough may be slightly different from that of dough made using regular flour.

5. King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour

Apart from their unbleached and organic all-purpose flour, King Arthur also sells this one with no gluten, which is suitable for people who are intolerant of gluten. Besides, this flour also contains no dairy ingredients. Therefore, you should also consider it if you are intolerant to such products.

Other benefits of this flour are related to its nutritional value content. It is fortified with nutrients like Vitamin B, calcium, and iron. Thus, it would be even more perfect for consumption by children who need a lot of nutrients.

If you are always concerned about the storage of your flour, you will not worry anymore once you purchase this flour. This is because it comes with a resealable bag, which ensures that it stays under the right conditions even after use.

Similar to other flours, its usage is easy, as all you need is to mix it with the necessary ingredients for your pizza dough. You can also use it for other purposes. For instance, if you are also interested in making fudgy brownies or banana muffins after making your pizza dough, you can easily check out their recipe at the back of its packaging. This flour has a wide price range, depending on size, which refers to the number of packs included in the package.

King Arthur Flour, Measure for Measure Flour, Gluten-Free, 3 Pound
King Arthur Flour, Measure for Measure Flour, Gluten-Free, 3 Pound
Your everyday gluten-free flour. The essential pantry staple for gluten-free baking. Perfect for converting your favorite recipes into gluten-free versions. Simply substitute this flour 1-1 for an easy and convenient swap for conventional flours.

  • It contains the necessary nutrients;
  • This flour comes in a resealable bag;
  • It includes some recipes on the packaging.
  • You will have to use additional ingredients for recipes that require eggs and milk.

6. Orgran Gluten Free Self Raising Flour – Vegetarians’ Best Flour for Pizza Dough Recipe

Are you a vegan who loves making pizza but have been struggling to get the perfect flour? Orgran has got you covered. With their self-raising and gluten-free flour, you can now easily make that coarse crust you have been craving for.

Besides, it is the perfect choice of flour for people who are allergic to eggs and dairy products. This is because its mixture contains none of these ingredients. Also, this flour is made with considerations for people who do not consume wheat as it is wheat-free. Hence, it is best suited for people who are highly specific about such ingredients.

Another impressive thing about this flour is that you do not need to purchase additional ingredients to help your pizza dough rise. This is because it contains a raising agent that does not require other ingredients like yeast. This is useful for people who do not know how to add the right proportions of baking powder or yeast to their dough.

All that is required to bake using this flour is mixing it with the ingredients of choice for pizza dough. The flour is also priced in the range of the other two gluten-free flours I have included in this review.

Orgran Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
Orgran Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
Orgran Self Raising Flour has been developed to have similar characteristics and functional properties to wheat flour for ease of use in most recipes. Use in place of wheat flour with adjustments for gluten-free cooking.**Depending on your recipe, some additional moisture may be required, e.g. addition of water, eggs and/or milk, diet permitting, may provide best results.

  • You do not need additional dough-raising agents when using this flour;
  • It is superlative for vegetarians;
  • It is free of dairy products and wheat.
  • It does not come with any preparation instructions.

Time to Choose Your Ideal Flour for Pizza Dough

Even after a review of these ideal flours for pizza dough, you might still be wondering which one to choose. If this is your case, all you need to remember is that flour with high gluten content is likely to give rise to a chewy pizza crust. On the contrary, flour with low or no gluten content will yield coarser crusts. Therefore, if you are looking for a chewy crust, you should opt for a flour with high gluten content.

However, if you prefer a crispy crust, you should choose a flour with low or no gluten content. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the type of flour is not the only factor that determines the texture of the pizza crust. Other factors such as the amount of water used, the type of oven, and the baking time also play a role in shaping the final product.

Therefore, your choice in regards to this will purely depend on your preference. In addition, if you are a person who likes to make conscious consumption decisions, you should always take a look at the ingredients of the flour you wish to purchase.

As you have seen in this review, the market also has some flours that are organic and unbleached. Others do not contain wheat or dairy products. Also, if you do not want to purchase additional ingredients like yeast or baking powder, you should opt for self-raising flour to cut down on such costs.

Even so, any of the flours included in this review should give you a perfect pizza you can share with your friends. Is there any other flour that you have tried and liked a lot? Which flour from my list did you like the most? Let me know by commenting below.

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