Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Reviews – A Must-Read Purchase Guide

I am Edward, and cooking has been my favorite thing ever since childhood. My favorite meal is pizza, and I have used a lot of pizza-making tools besides cooking over an open fire. It is great that nowadays, it is possible to make a pizza in minutes, thanks to the modern-day pizza ovens in use. Today I will guide you through features of Camp Chef Italia artisan pizza oven, which has been so far a great companion in my cooking journey.

I know the feeling of getting a relatively costly delivered pizza that appears to be not the tastiest one. Thus, I recommend making pizza for yourself because actually, it can be done quickly and you will get the exact pizza you wanted. Make use of the best cooking tools and see how your hobby turns into a well-paying career.

Even though there is such a wide variety of cooking items to choose from, making the right choice doesn’t come easy. There are always challenges in doing so. The main one is the lack of knowledge of what features to look for when making your purchase.

After observing how pizza fans struggle choosing a pizza oven, I decided to share my genuine Camp Chef Italia artisan pizza oven reviews with you. As I have been using this item for a long period, I can profoundly highlight the benefits and disadvantages of this pizza oven.

Camp Chef Pizza Oven Review – How Good Is This Italian Artisan Oven?

The text below contains a comprehensive analysis of all features of the Camp Chef artisan pizza oven. Read it to find out if this pizza oven is what you have been looking for recently.

What Comes in the Package with Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven?

In my opinion, this Italian artisan pizza oven is a must-have. No matter if you are a seasoned cook or just starting your cooking path, this tool will help you with making the best pizza. From its colorful design to super cooking speed, this device is made to serve even the most demanding users. Let’s take a look at the specifics of this product.

With the package, you receive not just the pizza oven with the manual but also a recipe book. Do not limit yourself to making one meal while this oven can work for many tasty dishes! The recipes are there to help you in exploring the possibilities of this oven.

The pizza kit is not included in this Italian pizza oven package. However, you can buy the kit from the same store to get the items delivered together.

Admitting the Great Design

One of the most exciting features of the oven happens to be its unique design. The two-layered wall is in place for your convenience so that the layers minimize heat loss. This is a way to guarantee that all the heat is retained for the fastest cooking. The layers also protect you from high heat emissions that can make working around the oven a bit uncomfortable.

The oven door has ventilation and cushioned handles for secure removing your pizza from the stove. Always use heat-protective gloves to ensure you do not burn your hands when operating the device.

With other ovens, people usually experience a hard time regulating the amount of heat to use. Many of them end up with burnt pizzas and damaged pizza stones. The stove of this Italian pizza oven is, however, made to protect you from such unfortunate circumstances. There is a conveniently located valve, which eases any need to alter the temperature. You’ll get crispy crusts every time with perfect amounts on both sides thanks in part due its clever design-which also makes cleaning easy since nothing gets stuck inside like other stoves might do.

The Main Features of Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven

Product DimensionsShipping WeightItem WeightManufacturer
30 x 19.5 x 18 inches36.2 pounds46 poundsCamp Chef

The stove measures 13 by 20 inches. Many people confuse this oven with the 31inches stated on Amazon, but I need to clarify that the 31 inches are the box dimension. The oven is relatively bulky weighing about 36 pounds. You need to have a strong board or table to place it on for comfortable use. The weight limits its portability, but that should not be an issue as many ovens are known to be weighty. Its big size is ideal for cooking even two 10-inch pizzas at a go.

I have been using the stove at temperatures of up to 750 degrees. Changing temperature fast is not an issue as there is a regulator. It is possible to make a well-cooked pizza in 3 minutes! Well, that’s fast.

The stone accompanying the oven is made of ceramic. It can withstand heat to a maximum of 750 degrees. Have you ever cleaned a surface made of stainless steel material? Then, you know how hard it is to do it. For ceramics, you only need water and soap with no need for steel wool. You can clean the whole oven with just water and soap within a matter of minutes.

Note that the stone is fragile, especially when you make a swift change in temperature. It needs to be handled with care. But that said, every piece of equipment should be handled properly if you want it to serve you for a long time.

Cooking doesn’t start when you power on the oven. You first need to preheat it. I have had ovens that preheated for up to 25 minutes. It felt like a lifetime as I was so anxious to get my favorite meal. There came times when I would even forget that I had turned a previous oven on. The thought about it would cross my mind 20 minutes later only to let me find the stove was still not well-heated. But this exceptional Italian artisan pizza oven reaches up to 750 degrees in less than 15 minutes. That’s why I said I could cook my pizza in three minutes only.

However, I need to say that for making a pizza, there’s no need to heat the stove for over 500 degrees. That’s because these temperatures will make your pizza burn fast. The crusts will come up quickly, but the topping might not be cooked enough. The extreme heat will cause your pizza to burn or cheese to fail to melt. Layered toppings may require even a long time at a constant temperature to ensure they are well-cooked. Thus, I recommend cooking pizza at 500 degrees with this model.

I am now getting to one of the most awaited remarks concerning the power source used in the stove. I have used lots of electric ovens, and they went ahead to consume large amounts of power, to the extent that I had to restrict myself from using them. With this Camp Chef artisan pizza oven, there is no worry about the energy consumed. The stove is gas-powered. This ensures that you can use the oven at any given place as long as your gas cylinder is full.

You can purchase a 5 feet gas pipe with an oven that will last you for a long time. Make sure you use the oven on a raised surface as the gas cylinder settles on a solid floor.

How to Assemble the Stove?

In case you have no experience handling or assembling gas-powered ovens, I recommend you to read carefully the manual that comes with the oven. The manual contains all instructions on how to use, assemble, and upkeep the item. I will pick only a few of the basics involved, but the manual will give you more comprehensive guidelines, so make sure to read it.

When attaching the thermometer, you need to remove the nut on its lower side. There is an opening at the top of the oven. That is where you place your heat gauge meter. Now you need to attach and tighten the nut that you had earlier removed. This time attach it from the inside of the oven. It will ensure the thermometer does not come off during transportation.

The handle is conveyed detached. You, therefore, need to fix it on the door of the stove. The nuts to use in setting it provided in the package, and it is not a tough task to do. The door comes off instead of flipping over, and this enables quick tightening of the handle. After successfully installing the shelf, place the pizza stone, and you are good to go.

Maintenance Specifics

The required upkeep process is not complicated at all. You only need to take a few precaution steps, and your tool will serve you for the longest time possible. Below are some of the critical things to make a note about:

  • Do not soak the stone in water. Only use some wet clothing or wire to clean it. In case burnt crusts stick on the stone, use a scraper to peel them off. You can use hot water to clean it as well.
  • Use some flour when placing your pizza on the stone to avoid sticking.
  • You are advised against using soap when cleaning the stone.

As a result of the high heat, the stone gets subjected to every time you cook, and it might appear dark or stained. I want to mention that the staining does not affect your cooking as each pizza stone becomes this way in use.

Safety Tips to Take into Consideration

There are a few important points I want to mention. As using gas-powered devices come at a risk of explosion when there are leaks, always check a gas regulator. It can be used to detect any leakage.

Also, never clean the stone immediately after use. The ability of ceramic products to withstand high temperatures makes them retain the same for a long. Using protective gloves when removing pizza from the stove will save you from burns.

Benefits of Using the Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Outdoor Pizza Oven - 15" x 26" x 16" Pizza Oven - Italia Artisan Pizza Oven - Premium Outdoor Pizza Oven - Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking
  • Artisan-Style Pizza: The Italia Artisan Pizza Oven recreates the experience of a wood fire pizza oven; provides heat distribution for a delectable crust
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven: Enjoy hot, fresh, flavorful pizzas cooked on your patio or during your next camping trip; perfect addition to your camping cookware
  • Versatile Pizza Oven: Doubled-layered ceiling cooks like a brick oven; ceramic stone promotes perfect crust; and stones reach temperatures of 700°F

Below are some of the outstanding features you won’t find in other pizza stove models:

  • High quality and durability. After using this pizza oven for such an extended period, I can confidently say that it is durable and will probably serve me for many years to come. Also, this product is proved to be a high-quality one as I had no problems with it since the purchase.
  • Affordable cost. Anyone who knows how expensive ovens can be will be left amused by the amount of this great equipment costs.
  • The heat control valve ensures no burnt and uncooked pizzas.
  • Versatility and a wide variety of applications. I want to admit that I use the stove for more than pizza baking. Although pizza is my favorite dish, I have not limited myself to one meal only. I have used this Italian pizza oven for baking bread and even meat roasting. Its ability to reach extreme temperatures makes bread baking a lot more interesting.
  • The easiness of assembling and utilization. No complicated procedure for that as the manual is easy to read and understand. The upkeep process is easy, too.

Drawbacks of This Product to Note

I have not experienced significant problems with this tool so that I state it is a high-quality one. However, it would be great if there was a stove cover included in the package. I had to buy it separately, so I am wondering why the product is sold without the must-use accessories.

My Verdict about Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

All in all, the product is worth every penny spent. It has taken me beyond my expectations. I have been using this Camp Chef artisan pizza oven for over 18 months now, and I can cite an endless list of benefits associated with the item. The oven has been the longest-serving cooking tool in my collection. I, therefore, recommend you to buy this pizza oven because it is easy-to-use equipment to make the tastiest pizza.

I am curious, what is your driving force behind purchasing a pizza oven? What counts more to you, a favorable cost or the best quality? Have you used a pizza oven before? If you are familiar with this Camp Chef Italia artisan pizza oven, share your experience with me in the comments. Also, if you have any great recipes to try in the pizza oven, I would be glad to read them! Leave your stories in the comment section below and let’s discuss how amazing it is to have a pizza oven at home.

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