Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens on the Market

Why Get an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Outdoor pizza ovens are a much better alternative to traditional wood burning or gas ovens for a number of reasons.

Outdoor pizza ovens provide the same crisp and delicious crust, but they do so much more efficiently. They cook pizzas up to eight times faster than conventional ovens and use only about one-third of the fuel because they cook at such high heat. This means that there’s no need to constantly monitor your pizza while it cooks and you can relax outside with your family and friends.

A major concern when it comes to outdoor cooking is safety. Outdoor cooking can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, but outdoor pizza ovens are designed for easy operation with large handles and food-safe materials so that even kids can use them safely!

Optimum Fuel Sources for a Pizza Oven


Wood Logs
chunks of wood

Wood Chunks


Propane & gas

It is always best to choose the most appropriate fuel source for your outdoor pizza oven. There are many different types of fuels that can be used to cook pizza, so the best option is the one that suits your needs best.

Gas ovens are good for commercial use and provide you with more control over cooking time. Wood-fired ovens will give you a more authentic taste and feel, but they need more constant supervision or they will quickly go out of control. Pellet pizza ovens are an easy way to make great tasting pizza without the fuss of wood-fired ovens.

Wood-fired ovens (either large wood pieces or pellets) are typically used for pizzas because of their slow cooking time and the smoky flavor that they provide. However, some people prefer gas-fired ovens because they can cook faster and their heat can be regulated from a remote place.

Determining the Perfect Size Of The Pizza Oven

Next, it’s important that you determine the perfect size. And while I can’t exactly tell you what that is, I can point out some things to look out for.

So, before determining the size of your pizza oven, take a quick inventory of your outdoor living space. Be realistic about how much space you have to work with and how many people will be using the oven. Consider whether or not it will be used primarily for parties or if it’ll also be used as a primary cooking appliance in your home.

That huge, shiny, new pizza oven might be great for entertaining, but it might not be the best fit for you if that isn’t your overall goal. Make sure when you’re buying an oven that you measure your space and consider how often you’ll be using it. If you’re just hosting parties every once in awhile, then the largest oven out there might not be the best way to go if it’ll take up too space.

Sometimes smaller is better as you won’t need as much fuel for the oven which is, of course, more economical as well.

Best Ways to Use an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Roccbox portable outdoor oven - photo 1

Cooking pizzas on an outdoor pizza oven will make your backyard seem like a real Italian pizzeria. There are many different recipes and techniques for cooking pizzas on an outdoor pizza oven, but here are the best ways to do it.

The first way is to use a pizza stone to cook your dough. Pizza stones can be inserted into the bottom of the oven to allow for even heat distribution while cooking the crusts of the pizzas.

The second way is to grill your dough instead of rolling it out and then place it on a peel that you then slide into the oven with a set temperature.

The third way is to pre-cook your dough in a frying pan and then place them on a peel – this technique helps with baking time as you’re using less heat by spreading it out.

No matter your choice of crust, be it traditional, gluten free, or vegan, load up on your favorite toppings and grab a few friends to help you eat the delicious pizza that is cooking in the oven.

DIY Kits for Building Your Own Customized Pizza Oven from Scratch!

Do it yourself pizza oven kits are the perfect idea to prep for your next backyard party.

Some of the kits available are so easy to install that you could construct them in just an hour or two, while others take a little more time to put together.

Whether you’ve got a family of five or just one person, these DIY kits can be customized to suit your needs. They also come with instructions and videos on how to install them properly so you don’t have any problems. I’ll link below to some of my favorite DIY kits/instructions.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500

I have included models of each type in my list, so you can find the right device for your outdoor kitchen.

1. Roccbox by Gozney

Temperature range: Up to 932°

Heat Source: Wood or Propane Gas

Max Pizza Size: 11 inches

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A Roccbox might be just what your kitchen needs! It offers professional level oven cooking capabilities at a price that won’t break the bank. The benefits are worth it.

The device is highly portable, which makes it good for taking to the yard or a picnic. In addition, it can also be used commercially – all you need to do is attach a fresh gas tank and it will be ready to go. It’s reliable and durable enough to withstand continuous use, too.

The product is made of totally rust-proof stainless steel. This makes the product durable and long-lasting, ultimately saving you money in the long run. The silicone coating on top not only protects users from burns but also does well to convey heat more efficiently, ensuring a more economical fuel consumption as a result.

Although it’s one of the safest models, it is important to supervise kids so that they don’t touch the device. The total weight is 44.1 lbs and the size is 22x20x18 inches. You also have an option to remove its legs & burners in order to make this appliance occupy less space

This commercial pizza oven has a maximum temperature of 932°F which allows you to make a pie in just 1 minute. Once the oven reaches this heat, it takes about 15 minutes for it to warm up and maintain that temperature. You can fit about one 11 inch diameter super-thin Neapolitan pie inside at a time.

Due to the speed of cooking a dish, you can easily whip up a dozen pizzas in one evening. A built-in thermometer makes it easier for you to control the temperature to prevent burning.

The special design allows for even cooking, so you can enjoy perfectly golden brown crusts and melt-y cheese. It doesn’t need a chimney, just the right cooking technique. This model can be used both on gas and wood. However, if you want to use the oven, you will have to buy a wood burner separately. The good thing is that a stone is built into the oven—which means that it heats up faster and more evenly than with gas ignition alone

This is a really useful appliance in terms of cleaning and maintenance. You can clean it easily by removing dough pieces and flour from the inner surface, but the front becomes sooty quicker than you’d expect. However, you can’t do anything about it since this type of oven is prone to terrible stains without a removable door.

The design has been thoughtfully refined so that there is no adverse effect on it. You will, however, have to keep cleaning it from time to time to prevent its aesthetic from deteriorating.

  • Compact enough for travel;
  • For personal OR commercial use;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Heats up quickly.
  • The front part gets covered with soot quickly.

2. Ooni Frya 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Temperature range: Up to 932°

Heat Source: Wood Pellets

Max Pizza Size: 12 inches

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Ooni is a Scottish brand that only develops pizza ovens and related accessories. The product is more expensive than before, but still not inferior to the prior product. The oven is also appropriate for cooking meat, fish, and other dishes. If you prefer an additional gas burner, you can also purchase the one from them.

I like having many options, and if I decide to make a pizza I can make it at any time. The device is small, and lightweight (25 pounds), making it ideal for use on the beach. If you remove the components for convenient transportation it is quite light, even though its bulky due to a chimney and pellet burner.

The ceramic fiber insulation of the oven make it safe to use. In my experience, coal is more efficient in maintaining warmth than it is in keeping the temperature right at the party. Users should be careful since the model does not have a protective cover.

A 10 minute time period makes the oven get hot enough to heat a maximum of 932F. With this heat, even the best-quality pizza will be ready in just a few minutes.

A vertically-installed chimney can give some good air flow. Keep in mind that the stove will release some heat when it’s preheating. The temperature inside should stay the same, so close the main opening.

The stone helps cooks cook quickly by heating up the bottom evenly. Both wood- and pellet-fired devices are not difficult to maintain, which makes them much more attractive to people. You will need to scrub to remove the soot from the combustion chamber, but it is no big deal.

  • Lightweight;
  • Quick warm-up;
  • 12″ pizza diameter;
  • Easy to set up.
  • No thermometer;
  • Does not keep warmth perfectly.

3. Bertello Outdoor Oven

Temperature range: Up to 930°F

Heat Source: Wood, Pellets, and Charcoal

Max Pizza Size: 12 inches

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The popularity of this company has been growing after they appeared in the popular shark tank show. Professional and amateurs alike were pleased with the convenience and smallness of this oven. This is the only product of this brand that requires accessories. Since the oven is small, it could be used for an outdoor picnic with a large group of friends.

It’s similar to the last ones on the list with their design being made of sturdy steel. I believe it’s more stylish, because of the dark black finish that it has. There is not any visible trace of soot and ash on such a surface. Since it is very small (25.8-x11.6-inches), the oven is easier to carry than a larger unit and has a weight of 29.8 lbs.

The main chamber has a big enough size for a pizza that’s 12 inches in diameter. It is large enough to do almost all of the things that you can do using a a normal pizza machine. In 15 minutes, this backyard pizza oven will heat up to a standard of 935F. By using the correct temperature to cook the pie you are able to whip up a masterpiece in less than 90 seconds. The model does not have a built-in electronic device for measuring temperature.

If you would like, you can purchase a great thermometer from Pizzaz. This is the first stove in America that uses wood, pellet, and charcoal for generating its power. Although this type of cooking won’t give a particular smoky flavor if used in a gas burner, you are able to buy a burner that will do that.

Air can be drawn in and out through a combustion chamber and main mouth without a chimney, which is not included in the model. Wood pellet’s should be laid so the airflow doesn’t Block them. The oven comes with stone that distributes heat evenly and will not crack, even if it gets a little warm over the years. Not forgetting to clean your pizza leftovers is a main piece of the puzzle. The small inlet can make it difficult to get the ashes from the oven. The main compartment will need to be cleaned by sticking your hand down into it to get the dirt out.

  • Perfect for outdoor use;
  • Mobile;
  • Gives pizzas a smoky flavor;
  • Stylish design.
  • The thermometer is not included;
  • The cleaning process can be quite messy.

4. BakerStone Gas Oven

Temperature range: Up to 900°F

Heat Source: Propane

Max Pizza Size: 13 inches

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As the name implies, our BakerStone grills are great for baking pizzas. The larger cooking chamber enables you to cook anything you want to serve at your outdoor party – no matter how big of a dish! You get both a pizza box & a firebox with the kit, so you don’t need to look for the right size grill. It’s also priced at an affordable price point, so anyone can buy it. It’s simple to expand the unit with extra grates or trays too.

The body of our product is made of durable steel. This material is strong, easy to clean, and most importantly, it distributes heat perfectly – so your food won’t burn. The oven itself weighs 47.6 pounds and the dimensions are 21.7×22.2×17.7 inches (including all its features). It takes the Napolita oven up to 900°F in about 30 minutes. You’ll have to wait a little until it’s heated enough for putting the pizza inside, but the pizza will be cooked in just 60 seconds. The maximum diameter of a Neapolitan pizza is 13 inches

There is a built-in thermometer with a backlit display on top of this pizza box. The cylinder it’s powered by needs to be bought separately, but once you’ve got it all hooked up you can set the power level with the knobs in order to cook your pizzas just the way you like them. This oven is special because it has a patented 5-sided stone chamber. This means that the baking stone is not only located at the bottom (or on one side) but all around and helps with even browning & improving crusts. The manufacturer has created an optimal cooking environment because of this. Their double-wall design ensures all three types of heat are distributed evenly. Plus, the whole process is shortened by 20%.

This pizza oven is fantastic because it’s easy to maintain and clean. You’ll need to wipe it down with a wet cloth from all sides. It’s constructed of an entire layer of stone, so you may need to remove the top box and scrub areas in the back.

  • Wide opening;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Five-sided stone chamber;
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heats up for a long time;
  • Large total weight.

5. Camp Chef Artisan Oven

Temperature range: Up to 700°F

Heat Source: On the Grill

Max Pizza Size: 15 inches

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Camp Chef’s gas ovens are an excellent choice for those with a gas grill and want to open the functionality of that space. They can’t operate alone, so they’re perfect for large backyard parties. Make sure you measure your grill before purchasing this handy feature, which is compatible with 16″ cooking systems. If you don’t have a grill at all, then don’t bother with this oven.

This pizza oven is made of a high-quality alloy steel. It’s resistant to corrosion, shockproof and quality control tests have shown it to withstand a lot of heat without a major change in its accuracy. The pan’s dimensions are 16x24x9 inches and it weighs just under 30 pounds. While the max temperature it can reach is 700°F, this is a little less than some professional ovens can offer. But pizza will typically cook in around two to three minutes.

The biggest advantage of this model is the extra-large cooking chamber where you can fit pizzas up to 15 inches in size. It is one of the most capacious models on my list. I also liked the large inlet which makes it easy to lay down pizzas and rotate them, even when baking ones you’ve already started. To improve your dinner mood, a small recipe book is thrown into the bundle. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new for yourself there!

It has a cordierite stone at the bottom for crispy crusts and juicy filling, while the semi-circular shape of this pizza oven combined with the wide opening provides for air circulation similar to that of a full scale cooking surface. The body has patented plates that help to evenly distribute and dissipate heat. You can choose your optimal heating temperature by using the knobs on the grill and the built-in gauge.

When it’s installed, this dishwasher takes up very little space and is very lightweight. One of its big advantages is the wide inlet opening at the bottom, which makes it easy to clean anywhere inside (even in hard-to-reach places). I don’t like how fingerprints are clearly visible on its surface – because they never look good. You should regularly polish it to bring luster back so that your oven won’t lose its appearance.

  • Lightweight;
  • Durable;
  • Fits large pizzas;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Cannot be used without a grill.
  • Fingerprinty


Top 3 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $2000

1. ALFA One Pizza Oven

Temperature range: Up to 1000°F

Heat Source: Wood Logs, Chunks, Pellets

Max Pizza Size: 15 inches

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This is a model for true connoisseurs of authentic Italian cuisine. Its design is similar to classic pizza ovens. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes or have many pizza-loving friends, I recommend purchasing a device that is heavy, bulky and budget-friendly. The case is made of dark brushed steel, which makes it easy to keep it clean. This model is heavier than the others on my list, even though it is called ‘portable’ by the manufacturer.

It measures 29x22x19 inches and weighs over 100 pounds when assembled. I don’t think it’s possible to carry such a heavy device from place to place. If you have an outdoor kitchen or patio, install the oven in one place for the entire season. You can also order a stand on wheels for more convenience. This item can fit a 15-inch pizza and any food you want to cook in it, because it is spacious.

It takes no more than 10 minutes to warm it up after the maximum temperature reaches 1000F, making it the hottest device on my list. A Neapolitan pie can be baked on a flatbread in less than a minute. A built-in thermometer can be used to monitor heating. This oven has a completely brick bottom instead of a stone, which is distinctive.

Wood is not placed in a separate container as in other wood-fired devices, but directly inside, like in real ovens. The dome-shaped body allows hot air to flow from all sides of the oven, which can be heated to such high temperatures. Excellent ventilation can be achieved by a vertical chimney.

This model has a door with a small opening that is used to keep the heat from escaping. The body of the oven does not need to be cleaned very often. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth since it is made of stainless steel. Ash and pieces should be removed from the dough regularly. It is possible to get dirty when you stick your hand inside. The baking stone cannot be removed here. The model doesn’t take long to clean because it has a largemouth. The pieces of food will burn if you leave the oven running at its maximum temperature.

  • Easy to assemble;
  • Can reach extra high temperatures;
  • Completely stone bottom;
  • Gives restaurant-grade results.
  • Heavy.

2. Ooni Pro

Temperature range: Up to 950°F

Heat Source: Gas/Wood

Max Pizza Size: 16 inches

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The Ooni Pro is one of the best pizza ovens on the market, and it’s manufactured by Ooni (of course), which is known for its manufacturing of the top pizza ovens. The Pro is a larger portable oven that can cook a pizza in less than a minute. The maximum heat of the oven makes it ideal for heating authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, and it can preheat to the max temperature in around 20 minutes.

You can cook pizzas up to 16 inches using this oven, or you can use it to cook other meals such as fish, steak, and vegetables. The insulated steel design of the oven makes it easy to spread heat. If you really want to prevent sticking on the stone, you may need to preheat for longer than the advertised 20 minutes if you don’t have a gas burner or pellet burner in the oven.

The oven is one of the most cost-effective and reliable you can find, and it only requires a few extra purchases.

  • Large pizza box;
  • Simple design;
  • High-quality build;
  • Excellent airflow system.
  • Door can get stuck

3. Forno Venetzia Pronto 200

Temperature range: Up to 950°F

Heat Source: Gas/Wood

Max Pizza Size: 16 inches

No products found.

Even though it’s a little more expensive than the Ooni or the Roccbox, this wood-fired oven is great for cooking pizza and can also cook many other delicious meals. This durable oven is portable and features a polished steel exterior. If you want to enjoy authentic artisan-crust pizza, you’ll need a top-quality pizza stone surface, wire broom/brush, pizza peel, cutter, and spatula.

It can cook two to three pizzas or other items at a time, which makes it great for serving large groups of people on any occasion. It can be difficult to set up the legs based on the order in which you need to install them, as this oven requires the assembly to be done. If you need to know more about the installation, you should be able to find videos on YouTube that explain it.

For a great cooking experience at a good price, I recommend the Pronto.

  • Cook many at a time;
  • Beautiful stainless steel design;
  • High-quality build;
  • No stand.


Top 3 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $4000

1. ilFornino Professional Series

Temperature range: Up to 1000°F

Heat Source: Wood Logs, Chunks, Pellets

Max Pizza Size: 15 inches

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The oven is well built and works. It arrived in a crate and was put on a cart and bolts on the chimney after being packaged and set up. The task is heavy and you need four people for it. It’s easy to fire, draws well and produce great pizza. The one-piece cooking surface makes it very easy to cook pizza.

The peel it comes with isn’t the best. ilFornino makes a great 13-inch banjo peel that is good for turning pizzas, and I recommend buying a wooden peel to insert the pizza. The oven is a little light on thermal mass, so I put a dozen regular clay bricks on each side to add mass after baking bread. If you have a lot of bread to bake, they help keep the temperature up. The sides of the oven were warm to the touch. I think this oven is great.

  • Thick gauge stainless steel
  • Can reach extra high temperatures;
  • 1000 square inches of cooking space;
  • Has wheels and stand
  • Massive.

2. Chicago Brick Oven Residential Kit

Temperature range: Up to 1,000°F

Heat Source: Wood

Max Pizza Size: 16 inches

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This is one of those DIY kits I mentioned earlier. You can buy just the oven section and build the entire stand around it for a beautiful and custom design. It’s made in the USA and has various special designs built in to ensure perfect and quick heating every time. The flavor off this oven is incomparable. It’s just perfect.

This thing is going to last a lifetime.

  • Huge cooking space
  • Ability for completely custom design
  • Great flavor
  • Needs full custom install

3. MCP Pizza Ovens Red Enamel Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven

Temperature range: Up to 800°F

Heat Source: Wood

Max Pizza Size: 21″

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All restaurants, food trucks, and home users need this. It can get up to or higher than 800 degrees F. It’s perfect for breads or meats. The accessories include a wire brush to keep the inside clean, a large pizza peel, and a waterproof canvas cover. It’s a complete kit!

It’s powdered coated for high insulation to really seal the heat in. It does have 4 wheels so it can be moved around, but honestly it’s quite large so that might not make sense to call it ‘mobile.’

  • Cook 3 at a time;
  • Beautiful stainless steel design with red highlights;
  • 430 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Not the hottest
  • Not the best instructions

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